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Cho, Bang, Lee, and Lee: The Effect of A-Shi Point Acupuncture on the Post-stroke Hand Edema
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Objectives :

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of A-Shi point acupuncture on the post-stroke hand edema.

Methods :

The subjects in this study were 8 patiens with post-stroke hand edema. The patients were treated with acupuncture on A-Shi point in hand. We treated them once a day, 7 days. The effectiveness was assessed by hand volumeter and mesuring tape. And Wilcoxon signed rank test was performed to evaluate the effect.

Results :

A significant change was observed after 7 times acupuncture treatment. Both volume and circumference of hand were decreased after treatment.

Conclusions :

This study suggests that A-Shi point acupuncture is effective for reducing post- stroke hand edema, although further study would be necessary.

Fig. 1.
Example of A-shi point acupuncture on hand edema
Fig. 2.
Hand volumeter
Fig. 3.
Measurement of circumference of hand edema with mesuring tape
Table 1.
Change of Volume of Hand
Before After p-value
Volume of hand 595.75±105.68 575.75±98.34 0.011
Table 2.
Change of Circumference of Hand
Before After p-value
Circumference of hand 44.11±2.96 43.61±2.65 0.011
Table 3.
General Characteristics
Total 8
Gender Male 5
Female 3
Age 69.25±12.57
Impression Infarction 5
Hemorrhage 3
Site Right 3
Left 5
Muscle grade 2.25±1.39
Onset of edema (day) 37.75±17.52
Symtom duration(day) 11.25±9.24

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