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Noh, Kim, Kim, Lee, Ryu, Kim, Lee, and Yang: Effects of Acupuncture on Acute Musculoskeletal Pain Transferred from Emergency Department: Case Report※
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The aim of this study was to report the effects of acupuncture on the patients with severe acute musculoskeletal pain transferred from emergency department(ED).


Three patients were transferred from ED of western medicine, and treated with Korean medicine treatments composed of acupuncture mainly and cupping, herbal steaming, and herbal decoction additionally.


All patients showed pain-reduction and relaxation both physically and mentally immediately after the first acupuncture treatment. In cases 1 and 2, the pain numerical rating scale(NRS) decreased after the day of admission from 8 to 4 and 10 to 2, respectively. In case 3, pain NRS also gradually decreased from 8 to 4 after three days.


Acupuncture was effective for immediate pain reduction in patients with severe acute musculoskeletal pain transferred form ED. Further studies are warranted to confirm the immediate pain-reduction effect of acupuncture on acute musculoskeletal patients visiting or transferred from ED.

Fig. 1.
Changes of pain numerical rating scale (NRS) of case 1
Fig. 2.
Changes of pain of case 1 measured with baseline evaluation, visual analogue scale(VAS), numerical rating scale(NRS), Oswestry disability index(ODI) and Rolland-Morris disability questionnaire(RMDQ) at admission and discharge(4th day of admission)
Fig. 3.
Changes of pain numerical rating scale (NRS) of case 2
Fig. 4.
Changes of pain of case 2 measured with baseline evaluation, visual analogue scale(VAS) and numerical rating scale(NRS) at admission and discharge(4th day of admission)
Fig. 5.
Changes of pain numerical rating scale (NRS) of case 3 for the initial 4 days from admission
Fig. 6.
Changes of pain of case 3 measured with baseline evaluation, visual analogue scale (VAS) and numerical rating scale(NRS) at admission and discharge(17th day of admission)

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