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Lee, Nam, Kim, Lee, Jun, Lim, Lee, and Song: A Case Study of the Bee Venom Acupuncture Effect for Trigger Finger with Side Effects by Steroid Injection※
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Objectives :

The aim of this study was to find out the therapeutic effect of bee venom acupuncture in the treatment of patient with trigger finger accompany side effects by steroid injection.

Methods :

As the effect of bee venom acupuncture about various articulation diseases observed, we tried to treat a case that was diagnosed trigger finger with side effects by steroid injection by using bee venom acupuncture.

Result :

After three times bee venom acupuncture treatments, ‘VAS’ score and triggering grade decreased quite noticeably, and other symptoms as have improved as well.

Conclusions :

Bee venom acupuncture have shown fairly effective to trigger finger accompany side effects by steroid injection.

Fig. 1.
The changes of VAS score and triggering grade
* : 1st injetion. ** : 2nd injection. *** : 3rd injection.
Table 1.
Grade of Triggering of the Digit
Grade Description
0 none Even movement during flexion/extension
1 mild Uneven movement during flexion/extension
2 moderate Actively correctable;interferes with normal hand function
3 severe Passively correctable
4 locked Fixed in flexion
Table 2.
The Changes of VAS Score and Triggering Grade by Bee Venom Injection
Treatment number Month/day Bee venom injection VAS score Triggering grade
Base line 06/29 × 8 4
1 07/01 8 4
2 07/02 × 4 1
3 07/05 4 1
4 07/06 × 1 0
5 07/08 1 0
6 07/09 × 0 0
7 07/12 × 0 0
8 07/15 × 0 0

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